Apr 16 2014

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Becoming Myself Chapter 10 Reflections

Chapter 10 Reflections

My small group read the book, Becoming Myself by Stasi Eldredge. Here are 5 thoughts from the chapter:

  1. Freedom’s price is what keeps many from leaving their captivity. Imprisonment (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) can be comfortable in its familiarity whereas freedom has countless (scary) unknowns.
  2. God usually begins first with the transformation of our attitude; then he can change our circumstances.” — I know I want the circumstance to change first. Every time.
  3. If we are insecure in ourselves or our life choices, then people who make choices different from ours can feel threatening.” — Oh the terrible judgements we make just at the words of someone who is choosing to do something different because of our own insecurities. This happens so much–even more so within the realms of social media.
  4. Truth is what is real not what we feel is real. There is a battle in our thoughts when it comes to embracing freedom.
  5. “We live in freedom when we come to believe, know, receive, and embrace the boundless love of God for us—when we are captured by his goodness, his faithfulness, his honor, his sacrifice, his heart that yearns for us.” — I want to be be captured by Him in this way. Yes, please.

What gems did you find in chapter ten?

If you are joining me, let me know in the comments section. Next week, be ready to write your thoughts on Chapter Eleven: becoming a woman of faith. Chapter Eleven looks at Mary, the mother of Jesus, and lessons gleaned from her life.

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