Aug 07 2013

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Back to School: Setting up the Classroom Pt. 1

Setting up the Classroom Pt. 1

This year, I decided to homeschool my younger three children: BunBun (6th grade), Bear (3rd grade), Babycakes (Pre-K). This idea came from BunBun asking me to homeschool her. At the time, she was attending an excellent public school with teachers she loved. But, we were looking for a house and she was moving from elementary to middle school. Change was going to be her reality regardless. And as I heard her reasons to want to homeschool, I not only concurred but had other ideas as to why this was a good idea. (I need to write those reasons down for all of us because I will be needing that on the rough days. Would you like to see my list?)

Once I made the mental shift to homeschool BunBun, it occurred to me that homeschooling Bear wouldn't be much more work. In fact, it would make life less complicated because I would be managing two school schedules (My teenager's and homeschool as opposed to elementary, middle, and high school schedules.) When I suggested it to him, he came on board. It so happened that he would have had to change schools based on our move.

With Babycakes, we homeschool anyway. As one wise person told me long ago: Every parent home schools. I am teaching her throughout the day. Currently, it fits more under “un-homeschool-ing” as we aren't doing anything formal. (Maybe that's not the best term for it. She is learning as a self-driven learner rather than me directing it.) This year, I imagine she will want to be “schooled” just like her big brother and sister. I'm willing to include her in our schooling. It'll be great to see how she progresses.

So, the choice to homeschool is decided. The curriculum, for the most part, is decided. (I will be using Easy Peasy as my core.) To comply with South Carolina's laws to homeschool, I am choosing option 3 with Palmetto Independent Educators (If you do choose to use them, let them know you heard about it through me.) We have come up with a school name (Creatively Advancing Kids Education Academy). The primary location for our homeschool is decided too: the garage. The task at hand is to get the garage ready.

Here is how it looks right now:

Boxes. Drywall. Cement floor. Can you imagine the potential?

I'm thankful for the work Mr. Real has done. I look forward to seeing what we can do together to transform part of this garage into a usable classroom.

Back to school has two meanings for me. First, it is the traditional back-to-school (summer is coming to an end) concept. You know, the one from the commercials and sales. It's the most wonderful time of the year. (I don't watch regular TV. Do they still show that commerical?) Second, it is a step back into homeschooling. I have homeschooled before. The last three years, the older three attended school. So, I am heading back to home schooling. I am looking forward to so many different aspects of going back to school. Let the adventure begin!


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  1. Angeline Haw

    Hi Cheryl, I've also started school with Amie (age 4) this week. Like Emma, Amie is also a self-driven learner, but this week, it's become a bit more formal. I think she enjoys feeling older by "playing school" (her term). What you're doing to the garage in prep for your school is a great idea! I had suggested using the back room in our KG house for schoolroom, but it wouldn't be usable during the wintertime anyway.

    1. Cheryl

      How are you doing getting settled back there?

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