May 03 2012

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BabyCakes Cam–Now needed as we transition to a toddler bed

It is wonderful when babies are little. They stay where they are put. As they grow, they become more mobile. They get quicker too. Yesterday, BabyCakes climbed out of her crib. I found her happily playing in her room (which she shares with her big sister). While last night was uneventful during the bedtime routine, the daytime routine has been out of whack. Time for BabyCakes Cam to be in order. The transition to a toddler bed has begun.

Last Night

I was feeling pretty good about last night. She went to bed without a fight and without her maemae (the pacifier). And, as far as I know, she stayed in her bed. BunBun (her big sister) told me she fell out once but put her back in bed. I hope she landed on the cushion I put there.


Today, I was planning on setting up a webcam to watch her during nap time. I didn’t get it up and running but thought she would go down like she had last night–foolish woman that I am. I peaked to check on her after a while–it was very quiet–she was happily playing with toys. Aw. Isn’t she sweet. I went back later to let her know I knew she was up. That’s when I saw it: the cap-less markers. Then, I saw the table and stool. I asked her what else she colored. Then I saw the true masterpiece, her arms. It may take a while before I can get that out. What did I do? After I got the marker off the table and stool, I got my camera.

I knew she hadn’t taken a nap, and she was getting wildly cranky, so I decided to put her down again with the cam on. I am watching her sleep as I write. I had written about it before in my inmygirlcave blog. I haven’t used it in a while, but now is the time. Sweet dreams, BabyCakes.


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