May 21 2015

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ATracker App: Get Track of Your Time

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ATracker by WonderApps for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


ATracker App: Get Track of Your Time

ATracker by WonderApps

I wonder how much time I spend doing “Mom work” I ask myself all the time. I get to the end of a long day and stare at my todo list. Still, so many things are not checked off. I suspect I am not using my time wisely. Certainly there is time to get in the important things. If I am to make changes, I need to put my time on a diet. Before I can make changes, I need a way to track my time. That’s when I found about ATracker by WonderApps and decided to give it a try.

Getting familiar with ATracker

I downloaded the lite version to my iPad and iPhone and started to play around with it. I immediately started to think of all the things I wanted to track. For this testing period, I wanted to hit on some of those nagging “I wonder how much time I really spend doing…” With the lite version, I can’t test every detail of my life (it limits tasks to 4 in the lite version). But for a test run, this was perfect.

Off the the bat, here’s what I like:

  • I can start and stop the app from my notification screen. This is handy because when I want to just jump in, I want to have as few steps as possible. When I am ready to stop, it’s just a quick step to stopping. This is handy for interruptions. Interruptions are part of real life.
  • If I want to peek to see how long I’ve been working on a current task, I can check it out in the notification screen too. (I’m using it right now as I type. A quick peek, and I know I’ve been writing for 5 minutes.)
  • In settings, I set it up to time simultaneous tasks. Not that I want to do that all the time, but if I am listening to DAB (for some spiritual input) while I am transporting kids to an activity (mom work), I don’t have to choose only one task to record. Plus, I don’t often stare at my oven while it is baking chicken (mom work) while I work on guitar lesson preparations (professional work). Sometimes multitasking is productive time.

I don’t mind the lite version’s limitations. It’s a great option for checking out the app’s functionality. But for someone who is a goal-setter or wants to put his time on a healthy diet, the pro version is a natural next step. The interface is easy to use. Just check out the short presentation for an quick tutorial and start tracking.

This app is not:

A todo list app. This tracks time. But if you have some daily tasks you want to get into your day, you would certainly know you got in your time (and how much you spent doing it).

A reminder app. Once you set up your list to track it’s not going to tell you to go on that run. But if you want to track how much time you spend running (or exercising), this will keep track. (It does have the capability to set an alarm if you want to be notified when a period of time has passed. This will be great for my guitar practice time.)

A calendar app. You can view some of your calendar in the sidebar (and integrate it into your tracking), but it is not the place to go to see your appointments. I like how I can visually see how I spend my day.

After 30 minutes of working/playing with ATracker, I am excited. I am not the best tracker of my time. And I have often wondered where my time goes. This is showing me. No more fooling myself into think I don’t spent that much time on social media or YouTube. On the otherhand, I do spend more time than I think doing “Mom work.” (Mom work is hard work.)

Here are some screen shots to give you a look at how it works.

The Task List

This task list is easy to set up. List what you want to track. And when you are ready to track your time, just one tap. Tap again when you are done.

Calendar view

This Calendar view gives a visual on how you’ve spent your day. You can make changes to entries here too.

Report: Pie Chart

Reporting is handy to visually see how time is spent. This is a helpful way to keep accountable for your time.


I mentioned this earlier. I love the widget. Easy access for start and stop.

If you have not tried this app, give it a try. The lite version gives plenty of functionality to see all that ATracker can do. If you are like I am, it won’t take long before you go pro.

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