Apr 17 2017

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Are you wrestling through the rough waters of life?

Are you wrestling through the rough waters of life?Are you wrestling through the rough waters of life?

I admit it. I’m not a pray first kinda girl. When I hit the rough waters of life, I freak out at first. In public, I may look calm, but I’m going crazy on the inside. After I get my bearings, I start trying to figure out solutions. I calculate. I think about available resources. When I latch on to some answers, I start to calm.

I’m a Christian. Where does Jesus fit into my figure-it-out-on-my-own reaction to life?

When I can’t figure out the answers, that’s when I turn to God. Once my brain lands on “no answer in sight,” I clue in on the only reasonable answer—pray.

An all too typical story

The situation looked hopeless. I didn’t know what to do, and I imagined the worst. With no immediate answer in sight, I ranted for a good long while over my woes to my husband. Mr. Real listened patiently.

The next morning, a Sunday morning, God reminded me I should’ve and could’ve run to Him first. God’s words pressed upon my heart gently, but I felt dumb, like a little lost sheep. Baa. After I got over myself, I knew what I needed to do next. I asked God to forgive me for not coming to him first and poured out all that was weighing heavy on my heart. He listened without condemnation and provided what I needed. He’s a good, good Shepherd.

Encouragement from the Shepherd

Jesus responded to a bunch of lost sheep, the disciples. They were on a boat wrestling through rough waters. Jesus came to them walking on the water. The disciples freaked out. This was his response:

Don't be afraid. John 6:20

I feel encouraged by this story because Jesus called to the disciples in their out-of-their-minds, fearful state. He didn’t wait for them to get their act together to call him first. They felt paralyzed. Jesus knew how they felt and what they needed—he reached out to them.

After the disciples heard Jesus speak, they eagerly let him in.

He calls to us

When we get stuck in our rough waters—barely keeping our heads above water, flailing our arms, and forgetting who our Source is—Jesus calls out to us in the midst of our need. He’s coming ready to be our peace and provider—if only we would listen and let him in to our moment.

Just like the disciples, I want to be eager to let Jesus in to my life’s situations. Don’t you?

The rough waters of life come in different forms:

  • Strained relationships
  • Financial difficulties
  • Parenting (from sleepless nights with a newborn to battle of the wills during the teenage years)
  • Health issues
  • Loss

Whatever the struggle. Whatever the hardship. Jesus is ready to be your peace and your provider.

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