Sep 22 2016

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Answering Your Inner Health Rebel

Answering Your Inner Health RebelAnswering Your Inner Health Rebel

I have an inner rebel. It’s the one that screams “Make me” when faced with words like “should” and “ought to.” Even when the “should” words are coming from myself, I resist. When it comes to being healthy, my inner rebel resists even more. Instead of “make me”, my rebel says “I can’t want to.”

Maybe you don’t have that problem, and healthy living is your way of life. But even if you only have a teensy rebel against healthy living, you can answer your rebel with some good words.

Here are 5 answers to your inner health rebel:

  1. Take one step. You don’t have to do it all at once. Have you ever been overwhelmed by the long lists of foods you shouldn’t eat and the ones you should be eating? One of the biggest obstacles of moving in a healthy direction is all the “do this” and “do that” rules by all the health gurus.  You don’t have to fall in line with all of it at once. One small change is better than no change at all. 
  2. Agree with what you can. You don’t have to agree with everything. In reading about ways to incorporate healthy living, there are parts that might not line up with your personal philosophy and world view. That’s okay. Take what is good, and leave the rest.
  3. Be in charge of you. When the “should” voice is coming your way, and the rebel is starting to stand up, try to turn the “should” into a choice you want to make. Instead of “I should eat more vegetables”, try “I choose to eat a salad with my lunch today.” The wording of how you think matters. If you choose, and see it as a choice, you are less likely to resist.
  4. Take off the mask. Sometimes the rebel mask hides the true feelings of discouragement. If you think you can’t win at being healthy, the rebel is your go-to persona because the rebel feels strong. The rebel makes fun of those crunchy salad-eaters because he doesn’t need to face guilt or shame associated with unhealthy choices. Who really wants to be unhealthy? Underneath the jokes are unanswered questions like “Why can’t I…?” and “What difference will it make if I…?”
  5. Give yourself a win. Go back to the first idea of taking one step. If you take a step toward health, that’s a win. Celebrate your win. A small win, if you acknowledge it, is powerfully motivating. It changes the “Why can’t I…?” to “I know I can because I did…”

Healthy living is a journey taken one step at a time. If you falter, you are proving one thing: you are perfectly human. Faltering gives you an opportunity to learn something about your healthy living journey. If you take time to learn from your missteps, you have a better chance at choosing differently next time. Knowing where you struggle to choose well is as important as knowing what choices make healthy living a reality.

Read a little about my health journey here.

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