Dec 18 2016

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Advent Love (Three resources you can use this week)

Advent Love

It’s the fourth week of advent, and I wanted to share with you a few places you can visit to ponder thoughts on love.

Candle lighting and a devotional

Ann Voskamp has a video devotional. I love her passion for Christ and her lyrical style of writing and speaking.

Love Came to Live

This is a reflection for advent in 2013. Love came to live. This post reflects on a passage in John 4.

Advent Reflections on Love

In 2014, my church did an advent celebration at part of the service. For those of you who go to a liturgical church, this is the norm. Here are my reflections on advent love.

May you find love in Christ this week.

Everyone was made to love and to be loved. Keep in mind that some people are struggling this Christmas season. Would you reflect on God’s love for you and reach out to others? A kind word. A generous gift. Time. A hug. May you be the loving arms of Christ this week.

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  1. Janet

    Luv it keep it up

    1. Cheryl

      What was your favorite part?

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