Oct 16 2013

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A two-crockpot day


A two-crockpot day

A good friend of mine gave me an extra crockpot. (Thank you, my dear friend.) Today was the first time I felt a real need for it. My plan for today was crockpot oatmeal for breakfast and crockpot chicken and veggies for dinner. And since I had a busy morning, washing the crockpot and filling it with dinner in morning wasn't practical. So, I used two crockpots.


Two crockpots last night

I put in the oatmeal for crockpot oatmeal and set it on warm. I prepared my crockpot chicken and veggies and put the filled crockpot liner in the refrigerator.


Two crockpots this morning

When I woke up this morning, oatmeal was ready for breakfast. Yeah, for easy. Before heading out the door, I took the crockpot liner out of the refrigerator and set the crockpot on low. Quick and easy.


Today was easier

Because I had two crockpots, my day was easier. Do I think I will use two crockpots on a regular basis? I may–since crockpot oatmeal is super easy for breakfast and crockpot chicken is too. Some days, super easy is the requirement of the day.

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