May 26 2017

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5 Ways to Plan a Visit with Jesus

5 ways to plan a visit with Jesus 5 Ways to Plan a Visit with Jesus

The Five Minute Friday word for today is visit. You can read some other writing about visit here and here.



From the story, we know Jesus had plans to visit lots of people. But when he was on his way to Jerusalem, it says Martha welcomed him into her home. When he was there visiting, Martha and Mary dove in deep with how they loved a good visit.

Martha was busy and frustrated.

Mary discovered a treasure.

There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.

Luke 10:42

What did Mary discover? Jesus doesn’t say. Instead, he gives us two clues:

  • There is only one thing to be concerned about, and,
  • once discovered, it can’t be taken away.

What we know is that she was sitting at the feet of Jesus. It is there, and plenty of time there, that the discovery is found. No amount of special service to the Lord will replace a discovery that is ours forever. I want that. Don’t you?

We can plan on visits with Jesus. In those special times, our goal is to sit at his feet and find the only thing we should be concerned about. How do we find that one thing? Time in the Bible and time in prayer.

Time alone with God

I love these words from George Muller about secret prayer. “Going in weakness again and again to the Lord for strength.” There is no other way.

secret prayer

If you are looking for other words of encouragement from a great man of faith, read more from this book George Müller of Bristol: His Life of Prayer and Faith (affiliate link).

Come as You Are

As I was thinking about my visits with Jesus, I found encouragement from David Crowder’s Come as You Are. What a set up for a great visit with Jesus. Seriously, coming as you is the only real way to have a good visit with Jesus.

What are 5 ways to plan a visit with Jesus?

  1. Everyday quiet time. Plan a daily time of prayer and Bible study with God. Schedule it in. Use a devotional. Or dig into scripture by reading through a book in the Bible. Lauren Washer has some great ideas about studying scripture with A Pen and Notebook. If you’d like to find out how I approach quiet time and asking him what’s important, sign up for my PARK Plan email.
  2. Weekly small group and church. Getting together with others is another way to visit with Jesus. God may speak to your heart as you hear God’s word spoken through others.
  3. Retreats (alone and with others). My friend Aimee has a great plan for a personal retreat. Find out more here. Find out when your church is having the next retreat.
  4. Mentoring relationships. Mentor and be mentored.
  5. Unexpected visits. There are times that Jesus “visits” us when we don’t plan. He pricks our heart when we’re reading a Children’s Bible Story to our children or when we find out about a prayer need and feel compelled to pray. These are visits, and we can’t always plan for it—except through our regular, planned visits with him.

Plan a visit

You may be very busy, but plan on incorporating at least the first two ways to plan a visit with Jesus. In time, consider dipping your toe into the others. How about a little visit with him right now?

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  1. Mary Hood

    Intentional visits with Jesus! I love it. We do that with each other. And we never go away the same. Visiting from #48. Tanks for posting.

    1. Cheryl

      When we are regularly meeting with Jesus, we are more able to hear the Holy Spirit when we he wants to speak through us to another. Being intentional is the trick.

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