Jun 28 2015

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5 Unique Ways to Use Your Photos as Gifts

5 Unique Ways to Use Your Photos as Gifts

I’m sure you’ve seen photo printing sites that not only print your 4×6 pictures but offer photo books, mugs, and the like. Many stores offer in-house printing (and photo gifts) as well. I have used many different companies for printing pictures, but what I do with the pictures is turn them into gifts.

Here are my top 5 ways to use photos as gifts

  1. Photo card set — Using pictures I’ve taken from a nature walk or from my travels, I pick a selection of pictures I think are beautiful and have them printed. (Tip: Look for an online deal for 100 free pictures, just pay shipping. It comes around periodically. I take the deal and have a stash of pictures ready for when I want to make my gift set.) With the pictures, I glue them on to card stock.
  2. Recipe book — Using your favorite recipes and pictures of your best meals make for a great gift as a wedding gift. (Or if you have a friend who loves your recipes, birthday gift.) It’s personal and unique.
  3. Framed art — I have a friend who takes amazing pictures. I have seen some of his pictures in a nice frame. Framed photo art adds to the decor of a room. (And if you took the picture, you can share the story of the picture–even better.)
  4. Encouraging quote — I recently took some scripture and put the quote on top of a picture I had taken in Georgia. I printed it and put it in a nice frame and gave it to some friends as an encouragement. The picture pieced with the scripture combined perfectly as a gift.
  5. Encouraging quote card — Taking the idea from idea 4, I had some of these same pictures printed as 4×6’s. Adding this to cardstock, I have my own cards to write a note of encouragement or well wishes. Picture, scripture, personal words–that’s a great gift.

The ideas won’t help much if you don’t know how to take amazing pictures. You want to give a treasured gift. What if you don’t know how to take amazing pictures (and shutter at the thought of your pictures as being a gift)? There is a simple solution: learn and practice. Great pictures aren’t a secret. While photography is an art, it is also a science. There are methods anyone can use to take better pictures. So, the question is–how can I learn? Time and money is always a limit.

A few resources to help get you started:

How to take better pictures without spending a fortune

How to take great pictures with the camera you already own

iPhone Only Photography by David Molnar free ebook. I like his style of photography is beautiful, and he gives helpful advice for the beginner.

Saving time and money

Tiny Prints - Birth Announcements and More
Note: This post contains affiliate links. Simply put, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I will receive affiliate commission. I only recommend resources I believe are worthwhile.

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