Nov 10 2013

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30 Days of Thanks: 11.10.13 Naps



I am thankful for naps. Kids taking naps. Me taking naps. Kids taking naps while I get a nap. Sunday afternoon naps. However it comes, I’m a fan. My youngest told me today, “I hate the word ‘nap.'” (She is into the word “never” too. Oh, the roller coaster of girl-dom emotions.) She was told that that, along with all forms of grumpiness, was a way to proclaim to the world a nap was needed and to guarantee a nap. She crashed quickly. And I, oh the happiness that came, too got to take a nap. It was wonderful.

I don’t get to take naps every day. I don’t need them either. But there are days that naps are essential. They restore and provide margin in a world that doesn’t balance “go” and “stop” very well. God, thank you for the peace of a little one napping. Thank you for the times I have been restored enough to face the rest of the day because of a nap.


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