Nov 04 2013

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30 Days of Thanks: 11.04.13 My Car

My Car

I am thankful for my car. In my car, I go to the grocery store, to a friend’s house, to church, and to the library. Without a car, I could–theoretically–go those places. I am close enough to walk to a grocery story, but I would not be able to buy as much if I had to carry it home. And the church and library, they’d be a whole day’s adventure. The stroller might not handle that kind of mileage. So, I am thankful for my car.

(There is public transportation, but I am not familiar with it here. The suburbs are not made for life without a car like the city.)

I am thankful that my husband has a job and earns money to buy gas for the car too. I’m glad we are able to accept invitations (like to the party and parade yesterday) because we could easily get there.

Having lived in another country without a car, I remember long walks and public transportation. While the long walks were healthy, I dreaded heading out in the rain or snow on a shopping day.

Thank you God for the family car we have. Thank you for the means to fill it up with gas. Thank you for the many things we can enjoy because of the car.


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