Nov 03 2013

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30 Days of Thanks: 11.03.13 Health


I am not in perfect health, but I was reminded this week of how good my health has been. This week, I suffered from an odd neck and shoulder pain. It woke me up in the middle of the night and kept on for a number of days. As the days dragged on, with no relief, I wondered what was going on. (I was not used to pain coming from nowhere and lingering for days. I can only assume this is part of the aging process. Sigh.) I went to a chiropractor and felt a little better. I went the next day and felt a little better still. I woke up this morning. Mostly better. Not all the way better, but I was feeling thankful.

I marvel at how people who suffer from chronic pain continue on. I was getting downright mean as the pain didn’t stop. This helped me realize how good my health has been. This year may mark the beginning of my health turning south. (May it not be.) Even if it did, I can say that I have had good health for most of my life. That is a gift from God. God, thank you for health.


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