Apr 04 2017

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Easter

Easter 3 Ways to Prepare Your Heart

3 Ways to Prepare Your Heart for Easter

Part of me is a planner. Another part is a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of person. When I plan, I open up a world of creativity. I love being creative. But I don’t have endless time—to be creative or otherwise—so I rely heavily on my ability to “fly.” Living on the fly doesn’t belong with the valuable things in life. If it’s significant, it shouldn’t be given scraps of any kind.

Easter is important, but life doesn’t slow down simply for an upcoming holiday. In fact, holidays often require more of a mom: special meals, events, family and friends visiting. As I consider Easter, a special time set aside in our calendar to remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, I know my heart needs to be prepared. We all need to prepare our hearts. And that takes time.

Why should we prepare our hearts for Easter?

Shouldn’t we always have a heart towards God? Why is Easter any different?

God set aside special days of worship in the Bible. He taught his followers to take time for contemplation about what he had done for them. God wanted his people to worship him regularly, but he also designated holidays as special times of reflection. Remembering the cross and celebrating his resurrection is at the core of Easter.

In our fast-paced society, taking time to allow the message and meaning of Good Friday and Easter takes planning and purpose. But without intentionality, deepening and growing in faith won’t happen on its own.

Why prepare for Easter? Because the outward trappings of Easter can happen without your heart engaged. But if your heart is ready, Easter celebrations can transform and renew your faith.

But if your heart is ready, Easter celebrations can transform and renew your faith.

How do we prepare our hearts?

  1. Time alone to read. Take some time alone to be with God. There are devotionals written specifically for preparing your heart for Easter. Youversion (a FREE app) has a recommended Easter devotional list. You can find it here.
  2. Time to think and pray. Respond to what God is speaking to your heart. If you’re reading a devotional or passage of scripture, don’t rush to the next thing. Pause. Listen. Respond in prayer. The pause is powerful. I practice 7 minutes of silence in the morning after I’ve read my devotions. In my silence, God takes my faith deeper.
  3. Time with others. Gathering with others provides a different experience than time alone. It allows for corporate worship as well as listening to teaching of God’s Word. Many churches have Good Friday and Easter services. Attending a Good Friday Service is an excellent way to prepare for Easter Sunday. If you are in the Lexington, SC area, you are welcome to join me at Radius Church. If not, Google search “Good Friday Services” or “Easter services” plus {your city} and {your state}.

Let’s choose to prepare our hearts this Easter. May God lead us into a closer relationship with him.

Helping your family prepare through traditions

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Traditions help unify families through a common experience. They also help them grow in faith together. Here are some ways you can help your family connect their hearts and deepen their faith this Easter.

  1. Easter story cookies — This is a tradition my kids look forward to every year. Who doesn’t like cookies? The process of making the cookies tells the Easter story. We make the Easter Story cookies the Saturday night before Easter.
  2. Resurrection eggs — You can buy them here* or make your own. Here is a link for making your own. I usually do the story all at once, but using it as an advent calendar is another great idea.
  3. Benjamin’s Box* — This is a story book that works well with the Resurrection Eggs to tell the story of Easter.
  4. The Tale of the Three Trees* — This book is a beautiful story that tells the story of three trees and their hopes and dreams of how they want to be used. The trees become part of Jesus’ story. (I like to read it around Christmastime too.)
  5. Hold a Messianic Seder meal — This passover meal explains the many references to Christ (as Messiah) found throughout the meal. The basis of communion comes from the passover meal. This special meal is so enriching. Even if you don’t add it as a yearly tradition, do a Messianic Seder meal at least once.

May God draw you closer to himself as you remember these great sacrifice of Jesus and his resurrection.

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