Oct 15 2014

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3 Apps I Use Daily for Homeschooling

3 Apps I Use Daily and How I Use them

I use my iPad every day as part of my homeschooling. There are more than 3 apps I use (like Magnetic Alphabet), but these 3 apps are workhorses making my plans possible.


I use good reader as my hub for all my PDF files. When I download a PDF (like the songs for We Choose Virtues), I put it an organized folder. When I want to sing the song, it’s right there ready to go. When I want to print one page from that PDF, extract the one page and send it to Printer Pro.

I have used GoodReader when we are away from home. I don’t have to carry my lesson plans, they are on GoodReader. The words to We Choose Virtues are there. Maps for our history are there. All this is at my fingertips when we are out and about and have to wait. What a great way to buy up those lost moments.

Another feature I like about GoodReader is the ability to change the order of PDF pages. I changed the order of the We Choose Virtues songs to the order I was teaching them. (When changing a document, GoodReader asks if you want to make changes to the original or to make a copy.)

Printer Pro

Printer Pro allows me to print wirelessly with my non-AirPrint printer. Also, when I have picture that I want turned into PDF, it will print to PDF. When I am done, I can send the document to Evernote or Google Drive to share with my two students.

I have used this to turn web pages into PDF documents for later reading. This is helpful when internet access is not available.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is a scanner using the iPad (or iPhone) camera. I have been impressed with how easily I can scan a document. I have used this to make digital copies of maps each of my students can mark up in Adobe reader on their Nooks. I used Scanner Pro just the other to make a copy of a song my daughter needed to learn. (The teacher didn’t have access to a copier at the time. It made life so much easier to make the copy then and there. Once I scanned the pages, I was able to send it in an email to my daughter. If she wanted to print it, I could easily send it to Printer Pro.)

This is just the beginning

I have just touched on ways I use these 3 apps daily for homeschooling. They are not all I use, but they have been a lifesaver especially when I have had issues with our printer. (But that ol’ printer is another story.)


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