Oct 29 2012

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5 Sleep Rules

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The Sleep Doctor’s 5 Sleep Rules

I continue to read the Sleep Doctor’s Diet book. I read past the “why” of getting enough sleep. I am in the thick of the “what.” I feel challenged to follow his 5 sleep rules as a basis for good sleep hygiene.  View Dr. Breus’ words about the 5 Sleep Rules at andersoncooper.com.

Here is my Sleep Rules list:

  1. Set a regular sleep and wake time. This will be the most difficult for me. I naturally resist routine in the sleep/wake arena. My goal this week is 10pm-6am.
  2. Don’t have caffeine after 2pm. I think I can handle that. I will go decaf as a compromise this week.
  3. Don’t have alcohol less than 3 hours before bedtime. No big issues there.
  4. Don’t exercise less than 4 hours before bed. I do enjoy walking with Mr. Real after the kids are in bed. I may still do that, but I won’t do any vigorous exercise within the 4 hour window.
  5. Get 15 minutes of outside time every day. I could get a brisk walk in the morning and check a couple to-do’s off my list with this one.

According to Breus, I should wake up before the alarm clock feeling refreshed if I am getting adequate sleep both in quantity and quality. I woke up this morning without an alarm (a miracle for me), but I was not feeling refreshed. I did follow 4 of the 5 sleep rules yesterday. I know this will not turn around over night. Consistency will be key.

More on Sleep and Weight

I came across another promotion of getting enough sleep to have a healthy weight. It’s a recent news report from WBIR.


 I started a 12 week venture to get in better shape. I am one of 19 bloggers taking the challenge to “Get Healthy & Fit.” This week, I begin my 8th week. It’s gone by quickly.

My goals

Check out my plan from week one. As you have read, sleep hygiene is more than just getting enough hours of sleep each night. If getting enough sleep is a true goal, I need to make changes. I have added the Sleep Doctor’s 5 Rules to my goals list.


  • Outside of Monday, I slept 8 or more hours each night.
  • Exercise and steps were on target. I am not sure about Thursday because I took off my Fitbit in the early afternoon. I think I made it because of my newly established pattern, but I have no way of knowing for sure.
  • Water intake has been good. I have excelled in this area. I feel a bit silly having this as a written goal because it has been so easy for me, but I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t on my list.


  • Quality sleep was a hit or miss. While I did get some hours in, some nights were interrupted with restless sleep–and I can’t blame kids, it was all me.
  • I stayed up too late at least two nights last week. I knew at the time this was not helping me to be healthy, but I ditched responsible sleep time anyway.

Keeping Record

Here is the form I used to keep my records this past week. I did record my weight and body measurements. No changes to report this week.

Do you want a blank copy for your records? I modified it for this week. Let me know in the comments, and I can email it to you.


Come join me

Take a look at ideas from me and from the other ladies blogging about their healthy and fit goals. Little steps toward healthy starts today.

I will check in every Monday for 12 weeks. 11 weeks to go.

Cat Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


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