Jun 01 2017

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10 Ways to have fun using SpinnyWheel

10 ways to have fun with spinnywheel

10 Ways to have fun using SpinnyWheel

After finishing a nice dinner and dessert at Momma Rabbit’s Nibbles and Sips, I turned to my husband. “What are we going to do next? Wanna spin to see what it says?” This is a conversation that only makes sense if you a) have an app called SpinnyWheel* (or something like it) and b) already made a “Date Night” wheel.

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We spun the wheel, and it landed on “movie out.” That option disappeared from the choice list, and we googled movies playing in our area. Spontaneous and fun.

That’s just one way I’ve been enjoying this app. (Guess who has her date plans already figured out for our next date? Me! More on that later)

I bought SpinnyWheel* to use for my guitar and ukulele studio. Since I paid all of $0.99 for it, I wanted to squeeze out all of the value I could. Just kidding. For $0.99, I was confident it would do what I needed for my lessons.

As I played with it, I thought of other ways I could use SpinnyWheel*. It’s fun regardless of the purpose. My kids and I came up with some silly wheels and had blast—complete with snorts and giggles. (Sorry, this app is only for iOS, but Android has something similar called Decision Roulette with great reviews and is FREE. Or you can try Wheel Decide online. Wheel Decide has lots of wheel ideas too.)

Here are 10 Ways to have fun using SpinnyWheel*

  1. Music lessons. This was my first reason for getting the app. A brilliant music teacher friend of mine recommended using a decision wheel app. I’ve had nothing but a great response from my students. In the list, I include songs and exercises I want in our lesson. Spinning makes it fun. We watch the wheel go round and do the next thing. In my groups, I’ve included a color break to give tired fingers a break (and to talk too).ukulele spinnywheel
  2. Date night. I love dates with my husband, but I stress about making plans. The goal of a date is to spend time together, so it doesn’t really matter what we do. I know that, but I still get stumped with picking. If it’s my week to choose, and I don’t have a plan, I spin the wheel. (I’m excited about our next date. Planning stress…gone.) In my wheel, I included free and $$ options on my “Date Night” wheel because dating doesn’t have to break the bank.date spinnywheel
  3. Punishment wheel. I should probably call it a consequence wheel. Punishment sounds like it should play foreboding music as it spins. The wheel has a variety of reasonable punishments. In the list is a large slice of “grace” which gives a no-punishment pass. My kids love landing on “grace” but know that it won’t always be the case. One of my children landed on grace today. I had to take a deep breath and fill my lungs—and heart—with grace. Looking back, I’m thankful for giving grace.punishment spinnywheel
  4. Reward wheel. The reward wheel is the opposite of the punishment wheel. When they’ve gone above the call of duty, and I want to recognize their initiative and effort more than a “good job” remark, we can spin a reward.reward spinnywheel
  5. Movie genre picker. I don’t often watch movies, but I blank out when it comes to picking. movie spinnywheelSpinnyWheel* helps me venture out and try something new or, in the least, narrows down the choices.
  6. Who gets to choose. We have a Family Movie night most Fridays with our homemade pizza. One of the challenges is picking a movie. With four children ages 7-18, both girls and boys, finding something everyone wants to watch gets tricky. Having the wheel choose gives each of them a turn at picking a movie for that night. It beats the drawn out process of narrowing it down to one choice. Maybe I have the only family who takes a movie-length of time to decide on a movie.
  7. Dice. So, I could use actual die for this, but I rarely have die with me.dice spinnywheel
  8. How can I spend my free time. My middle schooler came up with this wheel. What a perfect wheel for the “I don’t have anything to do” dilemma. Summer break, we have an answer. A summer bucket list wheel maybe. You know you have a coder in the house when a free time choice is Python.free time spinnywheel
  9. Student picker. Use the spinner to pick who will go first to do a presentation or answer a question. The app can be adjusted to one selection. Once the wheel lands on a student, the app removes his name from the wheel.
  10. Ice breaker questions. I used this with my small group. The items we’re “get to know you” type questions.

The possibilities are limitless. I use SpinnyWheel* when the ultimate answer isn’t important. If a random selection works, SpinnyWheel* makes decision-making a game.

My teen daughter came up with a “Who I’ll Marry” app. Totally for fun, I decided to spin to finding out who I already married. First spin, I got “Madly in love with you.” That’s right, SpinnyWheel*, you were right on the mark. And for that, I’m truly thankful.who I'll marry spinnywheel

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