Feb 15 2017

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10 Medical Issues I Knew Little About Until I Became a Mom

medical issues10 Medical Issues I Knew Little About Until I Became a Mom

Fever. Vomiting. Bumps and rashes. We parents have to help our children through times of illness and injury, but we don’t all enter parenthood with an MD behind our names.

It’s unlikely I’ll ever get that official MD title, but mothering has given me an education on the medical field. I never thought about most of these medical issues before I had children. I love to read, but parenting required me to learn, learn, learn about health problems and how to intelligently respond to them. I’ve earned my “Mom MD” status.

We all want our children healthy, but we don’t know what issues we’ll have to face until our little blessings . . . have a fever, shriek in pain, or start scratching their head uncontrollably.

If your child is sick or in pain, I always recommend prayer.

Here are 10 medical issues I learned about since becoming a mom:

Nursing mom issue

1. Mastitis — I never knew a breast infection could give me a flu-like fever and pain right in my . . . uh-hem, baby’s meal ticket. I went to an urgent care and was given medicine for the infection. I got mastitis with my third child, so it’s not just for new moms. Thankfully, that was the only time. You can try Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Hot or Cold Breast Therapy* to help with the pain while you heal. Baby still needs to eat.


2. Molluscum — I had never heard of this until the molluscum on my child became infected. I knew what a staph infection looked like, but the molluscum bumps were new to me. ZymaDerm* is a well reviewed, all-natural treatment for molluscum.

3. Warts — I knew what warts were, I think I had it as a kid. But I didn’t have much knowledge about treating them. If apple cider vinegar or duct tape doesn’t work, freezing it off is a solution. Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away* is an over-the-counter solution or ask your pediatrician for help. Beware, getting warts frozen off isn’t a one-and-done solution, and it does hurt.

4. Hand-foot-mouth disease — “Disease” sounds so horrible. Don’t confuse this with foot-and-mouth disease. It’s a common virus in young children. Symptoms may include fever, sore throat, and sores in or around mouth and hands.


5. Lice — Lice happens to homeschoolers too. Be prepared for a part-time job of combing though hair if you have girls with long hair. When it happened in our house, I cut my girls’ hair shorter. Be sure to have a good nit comb*. The easy solution for boys is a short crew cut. Even though my boys didn’t get it, I cut their hair to make checking easier. By the way, the poison treatment available in the store only kills the adult lice. You need to remove the nits (eggs) manually. This Licefreee Spray* has good reviews and claims to get adult lice and nits. Here is my Pinterest board for help with lice. Natural remedies, so I’ve read, work just as well.

6. Pinworms — These “lovely” creatures live in the lower intestinal track. It’s common in school-aged children and possible to have without knowing it. The main symptom is an itchy bum at bedtime, and because of that, insomnia. If your sweetie is complaining about an itchy bum, get out a flashlight and take a good look. (Something I never imagined doing before motherhood.) Pinworms look like tiny threads . . . that move. Eww. I know. Medicine gives relief by killing the pinworms. Reese’s Pinworm Medicine* is an over-the-counter remedy. Be sure to check with your pediatrician for recommendations or a prescription.

Physical Injury or abnormalities

7. Nursemaid’s Elbow — This is when a ligament around the elbow pops out-of-place. Once it comes out the first time, it’s easy for it to get out-of-place again. Let the doctor show you how pop it back before leaving his office. My first child had nursemaid’s elbow two more times after the first incident and then no longer had a problem.

8. Concussion — Three of my four children have had concussions. One hit her head on the side of a swimming pool. One was hit by a falling tree branch. One banged his head during recess on the monkey bars. Unlucky odds, right? Get your child checked out by a medical practitioner if he or she has had a head injury. Get a follow-up appointment, or go to an urgent care or ER if your child starts vomiting (which can happen a day later), has blurred vision, or confused speech.

9. Corneal Abrasion — One of my children scratched his eyeball—twice. I’m told it can be quite painful. The first time it happened, he shrieked and closed his eye like a steel trap making it impossible for me to take a look. We went to the ER the first time and a local doctor the second time.

A doctor can prescribe an antibiotic and/or eye drops to help with the pain. Mostly, the eye will heal itself. Look out for signs of infection.

10. Pulling teeth — This is not a medical condition, but a skill I’ve learned over the years. Did you know teeth can start coming in before the old ones give any signs of leaving? Yes they can. Save yourself some dental fees and wiggle that tooth every day if you see a new one erupting around the old tooth. But if you can’t get the “shark” tooth out, let the professionals handle it. One child of mine had a tooth that was never going to leave without help.

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This is but a sampling of medical issues I’ve faced over the years. Bookmark this if you are a parent or plan on being a parent. You never know what you’ll face, and you’ll want to know what to do should your child need your “Mom MD” skills.

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