Jun 21 2014

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10 ideas to make a long car ride easier

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10 ideas to make a long car ride easier

  1. Audio books — Depending on the book and the age and interest of the passengers in the car, it could be enjoyed by everyone. We listened to most of Ella Enchanted*. It’s a very fun book. Check with your local library. For our library, audio books count toward the summer reading program. I am not going to count it all toward it though because we would knock out the entire reading for the summer in one trip.
  2. Communicate the plan — The inevitable “are we there yet” will start somewhere within the first hour if the child is not sleeping or connected to some sort of engaging activity. My littlest one thought she was going to spend the trip in a happy DVD coma. When I told her the plan (and adjusted her expectations), she had the after-lunch DVD time to look forward to.
  3. Variety — Have a variety of options planned. It makes the time go by quickly. Coloring pages, stickers, a writing pad with pencils and crayons make for lots of in-the-car fun.
  4. Lap desk — A lap desk* helps with coloring and writing activities as well a meal surface.
  5. Everyone goes potty — I am the one who seems to need to go more frequently. When I need to go or another person in the car needs to go, everyone needs to try. My 4-year-old girl will deny she needs to go (and she can actually wait longer than I can), but she does usually succeed in going once she resigns to the fact she must try.
  6. Snacks — Some people have a no-food rule in their car, not us. A long drive makes everyone in our car suddenly (and desperately) hungry. Planning out meals and snacks helps to break up the length of the trip.
  7. Books — The down side of an audio book is no pictures. Picture books are great options for pre-readers as well as readers. Bear loves the various Lego books*. He can pour over them for hours. A kids’ almanac* and Ripley’s Believe it or Not* book can be shared amongst the reading crowd.
  8. Water — Hydration is important, but drinking too much leads to more frequent bathroom stops. If water is the option, it answers the “I’m thirsty” call but reduces the chances of drinking because of boredom.
  9. Grocery bags — Don’t forget them. Food trash. Accident trash. If you want to keep something dry inside of a cooler, a plastic bag can help separate items. When we were traveling recently, it would have been good to put our napkins in a separate bag. They did help soak up some of the condensation, but it made our napkins moist. They were cloth, so we weren’t at a total loss. The bags help with bringing things in at the end of the trip for the partial unpacking that happens during the journey.
  10. Baby wipes — We didn’t use them on our recent trip up, but we had them in the car. You never know. Car sickness. Spills. Potty accidents. (Grocery bags are helpful for soiled clothes.) Baby wipes aren’t just for babies. We always keep them in the car for just-in-case moments.

What do you do to make a long car ride easier?

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  1. Cheryl Simpson

    Thanks. It worked on the long trip back. (It’s hard to know if going there or coming back has a longer feel to it.) The best part about listing to an audio book that everyone likes is that it helps the time past quickly for the driver (me) as well.

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