Jan 02 2014

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1 Simple Trick to a Healthier You

1 Simple Trick to a Healthier You

Instead of “out of sight out of mind” the reverse is a simple trick to a healthier you. “In sight, in mind” works wonders. I thought of this the other day as I was setting out some healthy snacks for the kids.

In sight, in mind

I had just gotten the bowl of baby carrots, celery, and green pepper onto the table. I decided to take a picture and both times little hands were reaching in to snatch a little snack. Since the snack was ready and sitting out for them to see, it was in mind, in hand, and then ready for munching. I smiled. There is no need to limit or instruct. I wholeheartedly gave my approval. Kids eating veggies–on purpose and willingly–is a win. I munched too. No guilt, all good.

New Year's Eve, I put out some healthy snacks. Babycakes was free to munch on apple wedges. Again, there was no need to restrain. I felt great about having that out for her to see and enjoy.

The next day, there was a bag of tortilla chips on our dining room table. Since it was in sight, little (and big) munchers were drawn to munch. On the grand scale of snack foods, it was not terrible, but I was sure an exchange for something a bit healthier would have been well received too.

Seeing this work in the snack world, I think this could easily work in other realms as well.

Other In Sight, In Mind Ideas

Water drinking — I have a favorite drinking cup. It holds 2 cups of water. When it is filled, I am likely to drink from it. (I am a part of the fortunate few that like drinking water.) It doesn't take much to make that cup full and ready–and in sight.

Encouragement notes — Having a pen ready with some paper to write a little encouraging note set out makes writing that note easier. In sight, and ready, puts it in mind and ready to go.

Exercise shoes (and clothes) — If they are set out, it's a reminder of a good idea. It is more likely to happen if it ready and “staring” at me.

Put Temptations Out

The same idea works for bad as well. In sight does put it in mind. So, getting those not-so-good habits out of sight (or, even better, out of the house) will reduce the chance of indulging or struggling with the temptation. Getting something out of the house may not be possible if everyone in the house is not on board with the idea, but it doesn't mean that putting those items (like food items) further out of reach isn't possible.

The in sight and in mind motivator doesn't take that much more energy. It takes a little planning. But since it isn't marked as “resolution,” it is more likely to be a positive push. It doesn't solve the issue of liking veggies or water or exercise, it's a gentle nudge. And for me, a nudge is all I need. It's a simple trick.


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  1. Kathleen Caron

    I love that, great idea! My clever daughter “regifted” a lot of gourmet chocolate people gave us for Christmas. You can’t eat it if it’s gone!

    1. Cheryl Simpson

      Ohhhh, gourmet chocolate. That would be hard to get rid of, but gone is better than struggling

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